About RCCG

Claudine Madeleine Cooper, President/CEO

Claudine who is a native of Great Britain, has lived, worked, and traveled throughout the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, North America, Central America, South America, Lesser Antilles, West Indies, Bahamas, Tahiti, Fiji, and the Hawaiian Islands. She has more than 25 years experience within the: Hospitality; International Food Quality, Regulatory Operations and Research and Development; Technology; the International Banking industries; and Crisis Management/Disaster Preparedness in the Hospitality Industry. Claudine is a culturally diverse operations-management executive with expertise in building and optimizing organizational processes to maximize process improvement, profitability, customer service, crisis management, and disaster planning/preparation.

Ms. Cooper is recognized for her expertise in the areas of Food AllergensFood Safety, and Healthy Food Selection and Preparation. In fact, Pearson Higher Education asked Claudine to review their text book titled, “Foodservice Organizations” (8th Edition) prior to its publication. In 2011, Drexel University invited her to provide insight on the current issues in Food Safety. Ms. Cooper was one of several distinguished guest speakers and experts, in varying areas of public health, invited by Drexel University to take part in the 2011 National Health Week’s “Perspectives on Public Health and Safety.” Claudine has also conducted corporate training events where she taught topics such as:

  • Allergen Alert: GMO aka: Genetically Modified Foods
  • Crisis Response Plan (Food Borne Illness Outbreaks)
  • Processed Vitamin Fortified Foods and High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • It’s In The Meat You Eat: Estradiol, Progesterone, Testosterone, Melengesterol Acetate, Trenbolone Acetate, and Zeranol
  • It’s In The Dairy You Eat: Recombinant Bovine Somatotropin (rBST) and Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH)
  • Range Fed vs. Corn Fed (Beef, Poultry, Fish, Dairy Products)
  • Organic vs. Non-Organic Food
  • How to Make Healthy Food Choices at the Grocery Store
  • How to Create Healthy Meal Plans
  • Healthy Versions of Familiar Foods
  • Healthy, Economical, and Easy to Prepare Foods
  • Cooking Demonstrations and Techniques Utilizing Healthy Ingredients

She’s an experienced professor who has taught for colleges and universities around the country. University courses taught include: Hospitality Information Systems, Food and Beverage Cost Control, Food Service Management, Principles of Food Preparation, Food Safety, Nutrition, Issues and Trends in the Hospitality and Tourism Environment, and Professionalism in Hospitality Management.

Claudine has worked within the community as a as an an advisor for both public and private organizations, volunteering her expertise as a Food Safety and Nutrition educator and proctor.

  • Advisor for the Hamot Center for Healthy Living where she developed community outreach food courses and taught numerous educational courses including:  healthy cooking demonstrations, customer service training programs, and food education curriculum for Public Schools to reduce childhood obesity.
  • Advisor for the “Meals on Wheels” program and developed a Food Safety pamphlet for the elderly.
  • Guest speaker at numerous high schools in Pennsylvania and New York, providing  valuable insight into food safety, healthy food choices, nutrition, and careers within the food and hospitality management industry.
  • Advisor to several local Food and Beverage establishments within the Pennsylvania community helping to improve Food Quality, Food Safety, and Customer Service.

Ms. Cooper received formal training from a three star Michelin French chef, and was awarded her diploma in Food and Wine from The Academy of Culinary Arts Highlands College in Jersey (an island off the northern coast of France).  She’s also worked with the famous British Chef Gary Rhodes for the BBC TV Minneapolis Food Show in Minnesota. And, in 2010 Ms. Cooper was 1 of 8 chefs selected by the Pennsylvania Tourism Lodging Association to take part in their annual “Pennsylvania Palate Competition.”

Claudine’s professional certifications, qualifications, and recognitions include:

  1. NRAEF Instructor and Proctor for the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification
  2. Commonwealth of PA Dept. of Agriculture Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratory Services (Food Employee Certification)
  3. NRAEF – Professional Baking and Nutrition for the Foodservice Manager
  4. NSF International – Allergen Awareness Train the Trainer
  5. Professional Etiquette and Grooming
  6. Professional Recognition for Culinary Support – Les Dames d ’Escoffier International (Worldwide Philanthropic Society of Professional Women Leaders in the Fields of Food, Fine Beverage, and Hospitality)

Claudine served as President of H.S.M.A.I. (Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International) Minnesota Chapter from 2007 through 2008, and also served five years in various executive positions.

Ms. Cooper has a BA in Hospitality Management with a focus in Quality Assurance and holds a MS in Hospitality and Tourism Management from the University of Wisconsin.

Contact Ms. Claudine M. Cooper at:                                                                                  Office: (901) 244-7070                                                                                                       Cell: (763) 250-0457                                                                                                     Email: ccooper@royalcrownconsultinggroup.com